The below agenda is still preliminary. The agenda will be updated regularly at the conference website. 

 “Invest Mongolia Tokyo”, November 24, 2017
Venue/International Conference Hall, JICA Global Plaza

 8:30-8:58 Registration Opens
Session Chairman: Jargalsaikhan Dambadarjaa, Executive Director, The Defacto Institute 
9:00-9:08 Opening Address: Masa Igata, CEO, Frontier Securities LLC
9:10-9:18 Keynote Speech: Motoo Hayashi, Parliament Member, Chairman of Japan-Mongolia Friendship Parliamentarians' Union
9:20-9:28 Keynote Speech:  To be decided
9:30-9:58 Panel: The outlook of the relation between Japan and Mongolia
  • The opportunities on the economic developments of Mongolia from Japan
  • The economic and political priorities in 2018 between the two countries to develop the relations further
  • The reshuffle of the cabinet and its implications to foreign investors including Japan
Moderator: To be decided
Japanese Government Official (Inviting)
Bold Luvsanvandan, Parliament Member, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs 
Enkhbold Voroshilov, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Batjargal Dambadarjaa, Mongolian Embassy in Japan (Inviting)
10:00-10:08 Presentation: Bayarsaikhan Banzragch, Director General, National Development Agency
10:10-10:28 Presentation: 
Overview of Legal Developments in the Banking & Finance Sector
Chris Melville, Founding Partner, Melville Erdenedalai LLP
Erdenedalai Odkhuu, Partner, Melville Erdenedalai LLP
Baigalmaa Tsookhuu, Associate, Melville Erdenedalai LLP
10:30-10:38 Presentation: Yolanda Fernandez Lommen, Country Director, Asian Development Bank
ADB's Support to Mongolia in a Period of Economic Difficulty
Panel: The economic outlook – What does consensus forecast say?
  • Current macroeconomic and financial sector in Mongolia: How sustainable is the improved external demand?
  • Priorities and policy actions of the Government in the next 3 years: Are they achievable in consistent to the IMF program?
  • What else need to be done by the government to satisfy its current and prospective debt and equity investors
  • Implementation of the IMF program and its impact on the economy: Key updates and concerns of the second review of EFF program
  • Asset quality review: Expected potential change and development afterwards
  • FDI outlook: How much potential FDI in which sectors we are talking about in coming 3 years?
  • How to get financing internationally on growth area with priorities?
  • Political risks: The continuity of the policies of the new cabinet and the possible delay of the implementation of policies 
Moderator: Jun Yokoe, Chief Representative, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ulaanbaatar Representative Office
Presentation: Lkhagvasuren Byadran, Deputy Governor, Bank of Mongolia
Presentation: Bold Sandagdorj, Chief Economist, Xac Bank 

Neil Saker, Resident Representative, IMF
Bold Sandagdorj, Chief Economist, Xac Bank 
John Bell, CEO, Khan Bank 
Yolanda Fernandez Lommen, Country Director, Asian Development Bank (Inviting)
11:40-12:33 Panel: The outlook for Mongolia’s Mineral Exports and its implications to Japanese investors
  • Overview of Oyu Tolgoi, Tavan Tolgoi and other opportunities in Mining
  • Japanese companies' involvements and opportunities in the industry
Moderator: Masami Tazaki, Executive Director, STR Partners  
Keith Spence, President and Partner, Global Mining Capital Corp
Yoshitaka Hosoi, Senior Advisor for Natural Resources, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Ministery of Mining (Inviting)
Session Chairman: Nobuto Iwata, Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University
12:40-12:58  Presentation:
The perspective of one of the biggest Investors in Mongolia (To be decided)
Irina Kravchenko, Head of Mongolia Office, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Inviting)
13:00-13:23 Presentation:
Anthony Willoughby, The Nomadic School of Business
13:25-13:43 Presentation:
The Success History of Mobicom and the current situation of Telecom Industry in Mongolia (To be decided)
Tatsuya Hamada, Chairman & CEO, Mobicom Corporation 
13:45-13:58 Q&A session 
Session Chairman: Hajime Uchida, Chief Representative, Tokyo Representative Office, Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia

Panel: Doing Business in Mongolia 
Moderator: Hirotake Hirose, Chief Representative, Ulaanbaatar Representative Office, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Panelists : 

Takenori Shimizu, Director, The TOA Institution & Former Ambassador to Mongolia
Hiroto Fujiwara, General Manager, Sumitomo Corporation Ulaanbaatar office

14:40-14:48 Presentation: Bold Otgonbaatar, CEO, Oriental Invest LLC
The introduction of the automobile backed financing
14:50-15:08 Presentation: Neil Saker, Resident Representative, IMF
15:10-15:18 Q&A session  
15:20-15:28 Presentation: Bolortuya Jambal, Director, Khangarid Properties Co.,ltd
15:30-15:38 Presentation: Myadagmaa Jadambaa, Founder and CEO, BM Mongolian Partners
How Japanese companies can work on Mongolian projects with European Companies
Panel: Investment Opportunities in Mongolia 
  • The attractive interest rate and opportunities in NBFI (Non-Bank Financial Institutions)
  • The update on the recent issuance of 800 mil USD Soverign Debt and the opportunities for Bond investors
  • The undergoing asset quality review (AQR) and the opportunities to invest in banks 
  • The reasons behind the 60% rise of the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) and the opportunities going forward to invest in listed securities through MSE and foreign exchanges including Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
  • The opportunities to invest in private equities 
  • Which sectors are attractive for Japanese investors and why?
Moderator: Erik Versavel, Country Representative, Mongolia Representative Office, ING
Akifumi Nakanishi, Director/Senior Consultant,
 Asian Business Development Division, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd
Bayarsaikhan Davaadorj, CFA, Long Term Partners of Mongolia LLC
Davaasuren Sodnomdarjaa, Chair, Financial Regulatory Commission (Inviting)
John Bell, CEO, Khan Bank 
Hidetoshi Nagata, General Manager-Head of Global Listings, Tokyo Stock Exchange 
Irina Kravchenko, Head of Mongolia Office, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Inviting)
16:20-17:18 Panel: Green and Infrastructure
  • The strong demand to infrastructure development and areas of priorities by the Government
  • The serious environmental issues in Mongolia and the measures to tackle the situation
  • Infrastructure projects supported by Japan: Power Plant, New Airport, Renewable Energy(Wind and Solar), Railway etc
Moderator:  Jargalsaikhan Dambadarjaa, Executive Director, The Defacto Institute 

Chris Melville,  Founding Partner, Melville Erdenedalai LLP, Ulaanbaatar 
Hirotake Hirose, Chief Representative, Ulaanbaatar Representative Office, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Hajime Uchida, Chief Representative, Tokyo Representative Office, Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia
Michael Marshall, Executive Director Applus+ Mongolia

17:20-17:48 Presentation: 
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
-JICA's operation for the further development of Mongolia-
Presentation: Yoshito Yako, Director, East Asia Division, East and Central Asia and the Caucasus Dept, JICA
  • Introduction of the guidebook on Investment Environment in Mongolia
  • JICA's cooperation strategy and main project examples
  • Assistance to industrial promotion and diversification in Mongolia: Human resources development for industries, SME financing scheme and Mongolia-Japan Center, etc.
  • Potentials of regional development through economic corridors and possibilities of Japanese companies' business expansion to Mongolia
17:50-18:28 Panel: The development plan of Mongolia and the proposal to the Government from Japan
  • The review of what has been proposed to the Government by Invest Mongolia UB on Sep 4-5
  • What else should be done by the Government particularly for Japanese investors to be truly convinced to invest?
Chris Melville, Founding Partner, Melville Erdenedalai LLP, Ulaanbaatar

Neil Saker, Resident Representative, IMF
Bold Luvsanvandan, Parliament Member, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Masami Tazaki, Executive Director, STR Partners 
Takuo Kidokoro, Former Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia 
18:30-18:38 Closing Remarks: Masa Igata, CEO, Frontier Securities
 18:40-20:40 Reception