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Frontier’s “Invest Mongolia Tokyo”, November 24, 2017
Venue/International Conference Hall,JICA Global Plaza
The breakout sessions will follow immediately after each session

 9:00 Registration Opens
Session Chairman: Jargalsaikhan Dambadarjaa, Independent economist and media representative, Jargal DeFacto
 9:30 Opening Address: Masa Igata, CEO, Frontier Securities
 9:40 Motoo Hayashi, Parliament Member, Chairman of Japan-Mongolia Friendship Parliamentarians' Union 
 9:50 Nyambaatar Khishgee, Paliament Member
 10:00 Panel: The outlook of the relation between Japan and Mongolia
  • The official visit of Prime Minister Erdenebat to Japan in Mid-October and its implications
  • The opportunities on the economic developments in Mongolia by Japan
  • The economic and political priorities in 2017 between the two countries to develop the relations further
Moderator: Zorigt Dashdorj, Former Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, President of Altai Holding  
DAVAAJARGAL Lundaa, Counsellor(Commercial and Economic), Embassy of Mongolia in Japan
Takuo Kidokoro, Former Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia
KHASHCHULUUN Chuluundorj, Professor, The National University of Mongolia 
 10:30 Presentation: Lkhamsuren Sh, Deputy Minister of Constuction and Urban Development and Ankh-Orgil B, Officer of international corporation division of the Ministry
  • The  general update on the construction and real estate sector in Mongolia
  • The measures taken by the Ministry to prevent harsh scenario
  • The case study of the projects: 1. the water purificartion project of Tuul River 2. The recycle of the water projects 3. The restructuring of the Ger District
Panel: The current situation of Mongolian economy and what will be the driver for the recovery
  • Are there any magics to defend the local currency and reviving the weak consumption at the same time?
  • The impact of OT (Oyu Tolgoi) Underground to the economy
  • The maturity of the huge Government Bonds in 2017 and the prospects of the refinancing
Moderator: Graeme Knowd, Managing Director, Moody's Investor Services
Neil Saker, Resident Representative, IMF
Masaru Honma, Chief Representative, Tokyo Office, European Bank for Reconstruction and Developmt 

Nick Edwards, Nick Edwards Investments
 11:15 Tea Break and the start of the Lunch
The light Lunch (Sushi Bento, Katsu Sandwich and Normal Bento) and drinks will be served at the Lounge just next to the Elizabeth Rose 
 11:30 Panel: The outlook for Mongolia’s Mineral Exports and its implications to Japanese investors
  • Overview of Oyu Tolgoi, Tavan Tolgoi and other opportunities in Mining
  • Will the recent turn around of the commodities prices(especially that of coal) provide the buying opportunity for investors?
  • Will the slowdown of the Chinese demand to commodities open the door for Japanese investors to be more actively involved in Mongolia?
Moderator: David Rohanna, David Rohanna, Executive Chairman, APIAG Pte Ltd; APIAG Mongolia LLC Executive Director and CEO
President of Altai Holding, Former Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Zorigt Dashdorj 
Keith Spence, President and Partner, Global Mining Capital Corp
Yoshitaka Hosoi, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Douglas Bingeman, Counsellor and Senior Trade Commissioner,Embassy of Canada to Mongolia 
Ionut (Johnny) Lazar Regional Director, East Asia CRU
 12:00 Presentation: 
Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Mongolia
Anthony Woolley, Counsel, Hogan Lovells, Ulaanbaatar
Solongo Bayarsaikhan, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells, Ulaanbaatar
12:20 The Registration will start for Half Day Pass Holders
Receivers for the simultaneous translations are available at the Cloak, 5F in exchange for the ID card
 12:50 Panel: Government Hour
Parliament Members to discuss current issues on Mongolia and relations with Japan

Jargalsaikhan Dambadarjaa, Independent economist and media representative, Jargal DeFacto
Garamjav Tseden, Parliament Member
Nyambaatar Khishgee, Paliament Member
Tserenbat Namsrai, Parliament Member
Temuulen Ganzorig, Parliament Member

Session Chairman:  KHASHCHULUUN Chuluundorj, Professor, The National University of Mongolia
Co-Chairman: Nobuto Iwata, Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

The signing of EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) and measures to improve overall business environment to increase the trade

  • The passage of the domestic laws on EPA and its impact to the trade between the two countries
  • The existence of the huge transaction cost of conducting business in Mongolia and how to decrease those costs
  • Opportunities in the non-mining sector
  • A Success Story in Mongolia from Japan

Moderator: Masami Tazaki, STR Partners
DAVAAJARGAL Lundaa, Counsellor(Commercial and Economic), Embassy of Mongolia in Japan
Takamichi Ide, Senior Consultant, Japan Development Service
Solongo Bayarsaikhan, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells, Ulaanbaatar

 14:20 Presentation: Introduction of the Mongolian light liquor production project 
Tumurbaatar Erdenebat, Project Leader, Oriental Invest LLC 
 14:40 Presentation:Neil Saker, Resident Representative, IMF
Panel: Privatization and the Opportunities in Mongolia 
  • Options for the Government to recover from the financial crisis and pros and cons of the Privatization
  • The risks and the opportunities of investing in SOE's
  • Financial investors vs Strategic investors: which type of investors are prefered and why?
  • The challenges and the roadmap for the Mongolian SOE's will be listed in the stock exchange in Japan
  • Who will be the potential candidates? 
Moderator: Nick Edwards, Nick Edwards Investments
Ryota Sugishita, Chief Consultant/Managing Director, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd
Hidetoshi Nagata, General Manager - Head of Global Listings, Tokyo Stock Exchange
Anand Khurelbaatar, CEO, Monos Group
President of Altai Holding,Former Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Zorigt Dashdorj 
 15:40 Tea break
 16:00 Panel: Green Infrastructure
  • The strong demand to infrastructure development and areas of priorities by the Government
  • The serious environmental issues in Mongolia and the measures to tackle the situation
  • Infrastructure projects supported by Japan: Power Plant,New Airport, Renewable Energy(Wind and Solar), Railway etc
Moderator:KHASHCHULUUN Chuluundorj, Professor, The National University of Mongolia 
Chris Melville, Managing Partner, Hogan Lovells, Ulaanbaatar 
Tuyen D. Nguyen, Resident Representative, International Finance Corporation
Hironobu Adegawa, Japan Economic Research Institute Inc.
Hirotake Hirose, Chief Representative, The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, UB office 
Prof. Taikan Oki, Ph.D, Senior Vice-Rector, United Nations University
Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

 16:40 Presentation: 
Yoshihisa Kasuya, Director, East Asia Division, East and Central Asia and the Caucasus Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
JICA's operation for the further development of Mongolia
  • JICA's cooperation strategy and main project examples
  • Assistance to industrial promotion and diversification in Mongolia: Human resources development for industries, SME financing scheme and Mongolia-Japan Center, etc.
  • Potentials of regional development through economic corridors and possibilities of Japanese companies' business expansion to Mongolia
 16:50 Panel: The proposal to the Government from Japan
  • The review of what has been proposed to the Government by Invest Mongolia UB on Sep 5-6
  • What else should be done by the Government particularly for Japanese investors to be trully convinced to invest?
Chris Melville, Managing Partner, Hogan Lovells, Ulaanbaatar
Neil Saker, Resident Representative, IMF
Masami Tazaki, STR Partners
Nick Edwards, Nick Edwards Investments
Takuo Kidokoro, Former Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia
 17:30 Closing Remarks: Masa Igata, CEO, Frontier Securities
17:35 The Half Day Pass Holders should leave
 17:45-19:30 Vodka Reception
Venue:The Lounge at 5F, United Nations University
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