Invest Mongolia ulaanbaatar 2017

We should receive more than 1100 people registered and about 700 people should attend out of them. 


Green Badge 
@ USD 300 ONLY
Yellow Badge
@ USD 150 ONLY
Conference Badge
Conference Sep 4, 5 YES YES YES
Exhibition Sep 4, 5 YES YES YES
Priority Seating Sep 4, 5 YES --- ---
Welcome Dinner Sep 3 YES --- ---
Networking Lunch Sep 4 YES YES ---
Gala Dinner Sep 4 YES YES ---
Networking Lunch Sep 5 YES YES ---

Note: 10% VAT will be added to all prices

Networking Opportunities

We will plan a series of networking lunches and dinners for participants of the conference. These events have offered participants an opportunity to speak with high profile officials from the Government and also with Mongolians and international corporate executives, institutional investors and conference speakers.

GALA DINNER at 6:30pm on Sep4@ TBD
The Gala Dinner will promise to be a fun evening of delicious cuisine with marvelous performances of Mongolian music! Attendees had an unforgettable experience!

The dinner will be a great opportunity for both Mongolian and International attendees to network with high-level government officials, corporate executives, and institutional investors and is open to sponsors, speakers and Green & Yellow badge holders. For others to attend this event, please register for Green or Yellow badge.

Networking Lunches & Dinners

Welcome dinner on Sunday, at 6pm Sep 3 (Invitation only)
Networking lunch, Sep 4,5 (Invitation only)

Venue: Cafe Park, Shangri La

Note: All venues have been carefully choosen to maximize the value of your money: conveniently located, wide range of options and definitely top rated...